It’s our goal to help you tackle your issues collaboratively – with enthusiasm, creativity, honesty, common sense and a sense of humor. At the LifeWorks Group, we believe that the only “normal” people out there are the ones you don’t know very well. So… let us get to know you and help you along the way.

At LifeWorks, you can expect …

…a comfortable, client-centered environment

The LifeWorks experience is designed for you, not for us. We know you’re here to talk about some pretty difficult stuff. We’re honored that you have chosen us and we work hard to make your experience at LifeWorks pleasant, positive and welcoming. No sliding glass window. No “your therapist will see you now.” Relax with the help of our groovy vibe, terrific music (often featuring local bands), current magazines, our puppies Gunner & Goliath (in Dallas only) and help yourself to a bottle of H20 and all the Dr. Pepper you can drink.

…collaborative care from a team you can trust

At The LifeWorks Group, we live and die by our team approach. We believe that working in isolation is not only limiting (and also no fun), but robs you, the client, of the opportunity to receive valuable insight and ideas from the rest of the team. We keep this crazed commitment to collaboration by shutting the place down for three, count ‘em, three hours every Monday afternoon, to spend time together as a staff and to discuss cases and put together treatment plans and teams for you.

…a creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties

We believe that with some creative thinking, our talented team of specialists can offer hope in the most discouraging situations. At The LifeWorks Group, we can help you untie the knots and make something positive out of even the most troubling life experiences. Taking responsibility for yourself and your life is ultimately your task, no matter who started the ball rolling. We’re here to help you do that.

Questions? Call or email LifeWorks for more information. 214.357.4001