Family & Relationship Counseling & Therapy

Melanie Wells

LPC, LMFT, LPC & LMFT Supervisor

After eight long years of rock-busting in conventional counseling practices, Melanie Wells founded The LifeWorks Group in 1999 to offer clients a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life. Since that inauspicious beginning (we had two pleather chairs, a broken copier and about $7 in the bank) LifeWorks has trained hundreds of interns and helped tens of thousands... Read More

How Can Family & Relationship Counseling & Therapy Improve My Relationships?

Setbacks, Standstills, Impasses, & Gridlock: Even the healthiest of relationships can shudder to a sudden, stalemated standoff.

But when the relationship road ahead seems its most inaccessible—when resentments linger; financial snarls or parenting quarrels evolve into MAJOR sources of contention; or infidelity, cultural differences, or discrimination threaten the structural integrity of your relationship—That’s when our team of family & relationship counseling experts really shines. Because, although our therapists thin slice our areas of expertise to ensure that each of your counseling needs is addressed, our diverse clinicians share one unifying feature in common: We each specialize in unsticking “stuck” relationship problems.   

From Relationship & Couples Counseling for heterosexual, LGBTQ+, and biracial couples; to Pre-Marital, Marital, and Last-Ditch (“Save Our Marriage!”) Counseling services: We’ll help you master each phase of your ever-evolving, simultaneously frustrating and rewarding, relationship!

  • Relationships & Couples Counseling: Unstick the stickiest sources of conflict in your relationships, including: communication ruptures, cohabitation hiccups, financial squabbles, barriers to sexual and romantic intimacy, jealousy, infidelity, contradictory parenting styles, opposing world views, cultural differences, extended family headaches—and more!
  • LGBTQ Couples: Thrive as an LGBTQ+ couple when confronted with disapproving family members or judgmental friends; Overcome the added stressors of prejudice, discrimination, bullying, or violence; Resolve internalized homophobia or cope with the challenges of dating a closeted partner; Navigate the tricky world of polyamorous relationships; or Decompress from the high-stress of planning a wedding
  • Biracial Couples: Contend with invisibility—when everyone assumes that you’re just friends, or worse yet…your child’s babysitter!—or with heightened visibility—when all judgmental eyes are trained on you in public; Identify subtle sources of cultural difference in your relationship that inadvertently generate conflict; Embrace your diversity and steel yourself against discrimination
  • Pre-Marital Counseling: Educate yourself in advance for the challenges of married life and get on the same page about finances; expectations for career, homeownership, or childrearing; and sexpectations; Iron out minor sources of conflict and deepen your arsenal of healthy communication strategies
  • Marriage Counseling: Reconfigure your marriage after the “honeymoon phase” comes to a screeching, reality roadblock; Dismantle aging resentments and reconnect with your partner—on an emotional & sexual level; Handle parenting dilemmas, financial setbacks, or the physical or mental illness of a partner—plus more+  
  • Gay & Lesbian Marriage: Unwind from the pressures of planning the perfect wedding; Survive encounters with disapproving family members or discrimination; Deliberate on matters of family planning (adoption; sperm donors; discipline; and developmental milestones); Empower your children to respond constructively to bullying for having two mommy’s or two daddy’s
  • Last-Ditch Marital: Identify workable solutions to “stuck” marital problems when previous encounters with marriage counselors have proved to be colossal flops; Quit exhausting yourself by rehashing the same marital glitches—and instead: construct a more resilient marriage foundation!
  • Infidelity & Affairs: Expose destructive relationship cycles or personal hang-ups that contribute to marital discord and individual insecurity; Rebuild trust, let go of resentment, and heal from the deep hurt of infidelity; Where needed, part amicably from a vantage point forgiveness, enhanced self-awareness, and mutual empathy


How Can Family & Relationship Counseling & Therapy Help My Family?

Does pregnancy planning or adoption paperwork give you the jitters? If it does, then you’re not alone: The family planning process is an emotionally-charged time for the vast majority of expectant and excited parents-to-be. Unfortunately, that’s just the tippy-top of the rollercoaster! The stomach-dropping descents, hairpin turns, and upside down loops of child-rearing are about to gain fearsome and nauseating speed.

From the moment that your little peanut is born, and that pesky voice inside your head whines, “You’re doing it all wrong!”, our team of Family Counseling specialists will be there to whisper words of friendly encouragement—and talk you down off a ledge or two!

We offer parental skills education; unruly adolescent and teenager counseling; academic, behavioral, or bullying interventions for your child; effective strategies for divorce and blended family adjustment; parental alienation mediation; and self-care services including mindfulness, meditation, and psychotherapeutic yoga for mom and dad: because no one knows better than you that you deserve a break!

  • Family Issues: Peel back the intricate layers of conflict that generate instability in the family unit, including: high-conflict marriages; contradictory political, spiritual, or social views; disputes over parenting involvement and discipline styles; friction between parents and their mutinous adolescents; financial hardships; divorce & remarriage preparation—plus more+!
  • Pregnancy, Pregnancy Loss, & Abortion: Brace yourself for the joys (and horrors) of motherhood or fatherhood, including: financial, occupational, or romantic strain; sleep deprivation; neonatal health, nutrition, or developmental concerns; teen pregnancy—or more+; Manage out-of-whack hormones & hanger (hunger + anger) with unwavering grace (…and maybe a box of ice cream sandwiches!); Heal from the grief of infertility, miscarriage, or abortion
  • Parenting: Enrich natural supports and bolster parenting skills for first-time parents or single-parents; Master the arts of effective limit-setting and unfettered communication with your child; Remedy your child’s behavioral or academic floundering at school or home; Encourage your child to develop healthy attachment bonds or independent identity formation—plus more+!
  • Adoption & Foster Care: Labor through the exhaustive red tape of the adoption process (attorneys, agencies, & home studies—oh my!) without losing your cool; Facilitate healthy attachment bonds with your little peanut; Celebrate your family’s diversity (for transracial or international adoptees; LGBTQ+ adoptive parents; or children with developmental disabilities); Instill a sense of love and belonging in your adopted child and curb undesirable conduct—plus more+!
  • Special Needs & Autism: Accept and recover from grief (It’s perfectly normal to grieve the loss of what you had envisioned for your unborn child’s life); Maximize your child’s academic, developmental, and social success; Learn how to effectively advocate for your child; Pencil in time for routine self-care (an often overlooked, but vital component of special needs parenting!)
  • Bullying: Recognize the signs & symptoms of bullying in your child; Protect your child from the physical harm or mental anguish of name-calling, sexual or cyber harassment, verbal threats, and violence; Boost your child’s sense of self-worth, comfort level for self-advocacy, mental health functioning, and interpersonal skills; Permanently decondition physically or sexually aggressive behaviors in your child
  • Blended Families: Merge together stepfamilies through the act of remarriage; Navigate the volatile minefields of establishing daily routines & discipline guidelines, conquering sibling rivalry, and withstanding the stinging resentment of stepchildren and meddlesome ex-spouses; Forge loving and lasting relationships with your stepkids
  • Parental Alienation: Learn how to rebuild trust and love with your child, when an ex-spouse has tarnished your reputation as a parent; Assist your child to recover from the mental health side effects of a particularly contentious divorce or separation, including: anxiety, depression, insomnia, behavioral outbursts in school, academic struggles, and more+!

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