“He has your eyes!” or “She smiles just like you!” These are phrases that parents love to hear. Not only do YOU know your family is a connected, cohesive unit, but other people can tell just by looking at you. But what about when you aren’t related biologically? What about when some of your kids look just like you, but one doesn’t? Or two don’t?

At Lifeworks, we understand the specific struggles that you have as an adoptive family. We understand that family connectedness isn’t automatic, and that it’s not something to be taken for granted. We know that you may have to work much harder to form those “attachment bonds” you’re always reading about. We know your little squirt (whether he/she looks like you or not) struggles with developing a sense of identity, attachment issues and belonging in a way that biological children do not. We also know the struggle between showing love and implementing discipline, and how it can be an especially difficult balance for your family.  Here’s the good news – adoption counseling can help!

Our specialty in adoptive families revolves around our deep desire to help you create those attachments with your children, and to help your children develop their sense of belonging and identity. This can be done through both love and structure, and we’re here to help you discover the balance for your family.
So what does it look like? If your little squirt isn’t so little (11-18), we recommend that they come in for a combination of talk/activity therapy that will be designed to cater specifically to squirt’s needs. If squirt is still fairly little (3-10), we recommend play therapy to help them work through their struggles. We also recommend that parents complete the Filial Therapy program, which will help them understand their child’s unique emotional needs, and give them tools for meeting those needs.  Additional resources for adoptive families and adoptees: equine therapy and yoga therapy (both are great for families and individuals).