blended families — or families in the blender?

Are you part of a family on the blend? Are you longing for the Brady Bunch?  Did you ever wonder what Mike Brady was thinking with those outfits? Or why an architect would build a house in which six kids shared ONE bathroom?  That’s what we call fantasy land, folks.  For the rest of us, it’s not quite that easy….

75-80% of all divorced people eventually remarry. And almost half of all marriages are now second marriages for one or both spouses. There are clear differences between blended families and intact families. Here are some common challenges that may impact relationships in blended families. Do you…

  • Have unrealistic expectations of how well you will get along with the step children?
  • Carry guilt and regret from failed marriages into the new blended family?
  • Experience frustration because the kids are being socialized by another set of parents?
  • Have well-defined parenting roles for you and your spouse?
  • Often feel rejected by your step kids?
  • Have trouble establishing cohesiveness in your family?

The median age for remarriage is mid-thirties. Most children in these families are elementary age or pre-adolescent. In other words, these are long-term situations that require effective, long-term solutions!

Unfortunately, common problems often have complicated solutions. Anyone trying to blend a family is fully aware that solutions don’t come easily. But with hard work, we believe that these challenges can be positively addressed. Blended family counseling can help.



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