Bullying – what to do when your kid gets picked on, laughed at, left out…

Bullying happens in schools, on the playground, in our homes, and at work. The fear of being laughed at, rejected, or picked on is a major deterrent to ending the problem. No matter the bully or the target, the goal remains the same: bullies try to gain power by causing others to feel depressed, hurt, afraid and alone. It’s about emotional control over their fellow student or colleague.

If you believe that your child is being bullied, let a LifeWorks therapist help. Or if you believe your child is the bully, we can curb that behavior too. If you are concerned about your child’s involvement in bullying, see if any of these warning signs apply:

  • Sudden decrease in school attendance or skipping certain classes
  • Dropping grades for unexplained reasons
  • Wants to take a different route or mode of transportation to school
  • Does not want to attend school sponsored activities or events
  • Seems happy on the weekends but unhappy Sunday evening in preparation for the next day
  • Frequently fakes getting sick (headaches, stomach aches)
  • Your outgoing child becomes cautious, clingy, anxious, worried, fearful, and insecure
  • Wants to stay in at night and prefers to stay home on the weekends
  • Nightmares and insomnia
  • Frequently asks for extra money saying it is for lunch or school supplies
  • Possessions (books, cell phones, clothing) are often “lost”, damaged, or destroyed
  • Sudden interest in violent movies, video games, or comic books
  • Suddenly starts bullying other students, siblings, or children in the neighborhood

The real world can be even more threatening than the classroom so let’s prepare our children for life as it is. Teaching students at an early age to be tolerant is just as important as teaching students to cope with intolerance. Counseling for bullying can help.