By the time couples get to the “last ditch” therapy stage, they have often been in a difficult marriage for some time and have done everything they can think of to “save” their marriage. Couples often describe themselves as exhausted and hopeless. Typically they have seen a number of therapists over the years. And typically the couple will report that “it didn’t help.” Or “it didn’t work.”

We’re here to tell you that IT doesn’t work. But your marriage can!

Ironically, we’ve found that it is these last-ditch couples who have an excellent chance of success. After all – they’ve been through hell and back and they’re STILL trying. This indicates high levels of motivation and commitment – two things no therapist can provide.

We’ve found that couples at this stage of their marriages are typically trying to solve the wrong problems. And very often the marital therapy they’ve encountered will have focused on superficial evidence of major faults in the marriage. Of course the therapy didn’t help. It can’t. Communication exercises won’t fix deep marital issues any more than paint will make a shack a load-bearing structure.

We believe that last ditch marriages call for a completely new thought process. We’re not interested in “saving” these marriages.   We’re interested in recreating them so that they are healthy and thriving and satisfying.

Our team of therapists has extensive experience in helping during this unique stage of marital distress. We believe we’ve developed ideas and techniques that can help you find a place of clarity, insight and a healthy thought process to get you to a place of peace.

After engaging in a last ditch process, the outcome is usually a regenerated, healthy marriage — or sometimes a mutually amicable split. Either outcome becomes the natural result of the work done in therapy.

Let us help you in this time of discouragement and hopelessness. If you are interested in last ditch marital therapy, call us today!