At LifeWorks, we love working with couples to help them turn things around. We handle all stages of a relationship for both straight and same gender couples:


  • Dating – how to notice the deal-breakers and what makes someone a keeperheart+apples
  • Early relationship – considering moving further
  • Committed relationship – cohabitation and commitment
  • Life cycle transitions – kids coming, kids going, career changes – this all happens in the middle!
  • Blended families – remarriage and co-parenting
  • Parenting as a team
  • Late stage marital – empty nest issues, aging parents
  • Last-ditch marital – when you feel like you’ve tried everything and are just about out of gas

We have specialists who can help you with each of these concerns.

How do I know if we need couples counseling?

  • Is your marriage characterized by mutual commitment and goodwill?
  • Do you give each other the benefit of the doubt?
  • Do you put down your weapons and pick up your tools when you argue?
  • Ddo you cultivate connection and intimacy?
  • Are you committed to your partner’s well-being in an other-centered and self-sacrificial way?


  • Do you find yourself in a constant, destructive tug-of-war?
  • Are you committed to keeping the marriage “together” but not to having an intimate marriage?
  • Do you find that your marriage is “together” geographically and legally, but that you’re just roommates?
  • Do you or does your spouse struggle with infidelity?
  • Do you fight over control and engage in pointless power struggles?
  • Dre you being abused in your marriage?
  • Dre you an abuser in your marriage?

Many couples’ issues are solvable problems. Let us help you turn it around!

Please call or email LifeWorks for more information, or to make an appointment.