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Christopher “Chris” Jones

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Chris Jones grew up in a small town south of the metroplex. He has managed to remain close to his small town roots (really— he even owns an RV) and enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with his smart, pretty wife (we think he over-achieved) and his two terrific daughters.

After receiving his Bachelors in psychology from Baylor, Chris stuck around for his... Read More

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How Can I Become A More Successful Parent?

Every parent fantasizes about NOT having children sometimes—you know, when your life was more carefree… and the highlight of your evening wasn’t taking an uninterrupted shower. That’s because as much as we love our miniature bundles of joy—they can transform into hyperactive, F-5 tornadoes of terror.

And, that’s only referring to their “precious” years! As your little peanut begins to age and mutate into an unruly adolescent, or an angsty teen with a desperation to discover his/her “authentic” self—that’s when the real fun begins.

It’s enough to make you wonder: When spending a weekend away at boot camp would feel like an exceptionally well-rested vacation, how does anyone cope with the day-in, day-out emotional overwhelm? Especially when you feel as though you are floundering where all the other parents seem to thrive. It’s like drowning in dirty diapers and juggling early morning bake sales, afterschool science clubs, and a career can confer super powers to some—but burnout, exclusively to you.

Perhaps the greatest challenge is finally hitting your stride—only to witness your kids evolve into different, and surlier, human beings with a penchant for hating your guts! (And sometimes? That happens to be the best indication that you’re doing everything right!)

Although parenting can feel like the odds are permanently stacked against you: Our Lifeologie team of Family Counseling experts can help you succeed—from the moment your little peanut is maturing inside the womb, until it’s time to master the challenges of adjusting to an Empty Nest!

Listed below are 10 parenting challenges that are commonly addressed during counseling sessions that emphasize best practices for child-rearing:

10 Common Parenting Topics & How Parental Counseling & Therapy Can Help

  • First-time Parents: Could any prospect be… simultaneously more nerve-wracking and exciting than accepting the lifelong responsibility of nurturing a tiny human? We can help you strategize for what’s to come! Learn how to juggle your career with parenthood; Preplan parenting roles & responsibilities to prevent unintended romance ruptures; Ensure your child’s best developmental outcomes; and, weed out the “good” advice from the well-intended—but ultimately, misguided.
  • Attachment: Empower your infant to form healthy attachment bonds to you that ensure emotionally secure relationships with others in later life; Practice implementing your attachment skills during Filial Therapy (an extension of Play Therapy that teaches parents to become agents of therapeutic change in their children’s lives)
  • Abuse: Assist your child to overcome trauma; physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; and neglect; Treat co-occurring mental health symptoms of anxiety, depression, dissociation, Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), behavioral issues, and more+
  • Adoption: Coach yourself for the challenges of adoption (paperwork, paperwork, home studies, and more paperwork!); Embrace your family’s diversity (for adoptees with international or transracial roots; LGBTQ+ adoptive parents; or children with developmental disabilities); Promote a self-assured sense of belonging and feeling “loved” in your adopted child
  • Academic & Behavioral Disorders: Evaluate your child for ADHD—and get solutions pronto!; Improve your child’s exasperating behaviors at home or school and enhance academic performance; Reduce the frequency of angry outbursts, tantrums, and oppositional defiant behavior; Encourage your child with perfectionism or developmental delays to excel at school
  • Discipline: Strike a healthy balance between shipping your kids off to boarding school (“The Dictator” parenting style) vs. permitting your kids to run amok in the streets (“The Cool Parent” parenting style); Learn when to advocate for your child vs. sheltering your child from the natural consequences of his or her bad decisions (also known as “Helicopter” parenting)
  • Divorce & Blended Families: Cope with the tricky transformation from married parent… to single-parent; Identify strategies for redistributing parenting responsibilities with your revolting ex—when you both live in separate households and have “bad blood”; Conquer the hurdles of blending dissimilar families with contradictory lifestyles together, through the act of remarriage
  • Identity: Support your children through the “discovery” process of finding their own identity—even when it doesn’t necessarily align with the future you had dreamed for them (for example, when Jane plays cello like a virtuoso musician… but perplexingly, prefers the lifestyle of a starving actress…)
  • Single-Parenting: Defy the challenges of parenting as a solo-parent; Overcome grief, loss, abandonment, or divorce adjustment (where applicable); Form a support network of family and friends (because even in two-parent households: raising a child takes a village!); Get help with crunching the numbers (aka financial planning for your family’s future!); Carve out time to explore romance or reserve essential, restorative “you” time
  • Empty Next & Aging: Sometimes our kids leave the nest willingly, to embark for college or wherever their adult lives will take them—and other times, we have to shove our fledglings out of the nest, and cross our fingers that they don’t go “Splat”! Learn how to handle grief and loneliness when your children embark from home for the very first time; and instill in your slightly more reliant kids the confidence that they will need to blaze their own trail in life


How Can Parental Counseling & Therapy Help My Family?

Our kids—whether we love ‘em or loathe ‘em at this particular moment—are frustratingly complex creatures; so, it probably comes as no surprise that a “one size fits all” approach to parental counseling simply doesn’t work!  Instead, our team of Family Counseling specialists offers customizable solutions that are tailor-made to fit your therapeutic needs. Depending upon your concern, our therapists may recommend:

  • Individual Counseling: One-on-one therapy sessions to address all aspects of mommy-ing and daddy-ing, from planning your first family; to disciplining unruly toddlers and teens; to surviving the high-stress of 21st century parenting—you know, in that alternate reality where 3-year-olds are screened by admissions boards in order to be granted acceptance into preschool…
  • Family Counseling: Mediates therapeutic concerns that affect the entire family in a joint session to facilitate open communication and to resolve conflict; Helps family members get on the same page about discipline, expectations, and “fairness”; Assists children to adjust to divorce, adoption, and more+
  • Couples Counseling: Discuss parenting anxieties & “stuck” child-rearing dilemmas as a couple; Discover the time to call a “time-out”; Enrich your intimate connection with your partner and recuperate from parenting exhaustion; Resolve parenting disagreements about discipline, finances, parental roles & responsibilities, plus more+
  • Play Therapy: Enable children under the age of 10 to communicate their needs or worries—on matters such as attachment, abuse, adoption, or behavioral and academic difficulties—through the use of structured play time
  • Filial Therapy: Instructs parents in the practices of play therapy to use at home with their child; Allows child to label and healthfully express feelings to parents while acquiring a simultaneous sense of self-confidence, self-control, and parental acceptance; Supports parents to forge a stronger relationship with their child and practice easy and effective limit setting skills
  • Parenting Skills Therapy: A series of 10-15 sessions (1.5 hours each) in an individual or group therapy format that outlines all the biggies: from fostering a pattern of secure attachment in your infant; to instituting firm but fair discipline methods; to promoting your child’s personal identity development
  • Alternative Therapy: Stress management techniques, such as mindfulness, meditation, and psychotherapeutic yoga, that enable you to decompress after the everyday strains of childcare—because every parent a break! Especially you!

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