How We Help


Depression Counseling

The only normal people you know are the ones you don’t know very well.  Your story may involve a lifetime of struggles.  Or maybe you’ve just hit a rough patch. Let our team of specialists help you through it.

Couples Counseling

When two lives come together, things can get tricky real quick! Our couples counselors can help you with even the stickiest relationship issues. We offer pre-marital, couples, blended family, parenting, and last-ditch marital therapy. Don’t give up! Reach out instead!


Kids and Tweens

Parenting is tough business! When problems hit and the answers won’t come, smart parents ask for help. Don’t be a super-hero. Let us help you with your kids. Play therapy, parenting skills training, and family therapy available.

Teens and Young Adults

Let us help you tame the strongest force of nature: the adolescent! For families nearing that tipping point of ‘everybody eats dinner in a separate room,’ and ‘one more screw-up and you’re packing for boarding school, kid,’ we can help corral the lost and surly members of your household back into a healthy family circle.


Psychotherapeutic Yoga & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counseling

Psychotherapeutic yoga and ayurvedic lifestyle counseling can help you rewire your nervous system so that you can manage your emotions and stay present, focused and healthy. Individual sessions and group classes available.