Christian counseling – what it is and what it isn’t

Christian counseling is one of those concepts that confuses lots of people.  Is it counseling FOR Christians? BY Christians? Does it mean the BIBLE is the ONLY way to help people?  What about MEDICATION and OTHER INTERVENTIONS?

Christians sometimes seek out “Christian counseling” to ensure that their therapist will share their theology and world view.  Fair enough.  However, we think your therapist should also be well-versed and trained in all aspects of theory and technique.  Simply sharing your theological point of view does not qualify anyone to bring the skills and abilities to help you with the regular run-of-the-mill life issues we all face.  Yep – Christians deal with it all too – everything from depression, anxiety, parenting issues, and marital issues to divorce, grief, trauma and ADHD.  The whole gamut.  Christians are not immune.

We believe that all therapy should address body, mind AND spirit – and for Christians, we know that last aspect is particularly crucial.  Several LifeWorkers have masters degrees in Biblical studies, theology or Christian counseling.  Any one of these folks will do right by both your faith and your life issues.

At the LifeWorks Group, we strive for diversity on our staff.  LifeWorkers are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, you name it.  That said, we recognize the particular needs of each of these populations.  If you’re a Christian looking for a Christian therapist who gets you, your faith, AND your problem, we believe you’ve come to the right place.