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Jennifer Landon


Emphasizing the concept that we all suffer and that there is a way out of suffering, I help clients understand and practice the ways to relieve suffering. By incorporating the practice of mindfulness, body awareness and buddhist psychology, the client begins to make sense out of their situation while also gaining a deep connection to their own inane wisdom and... Read More

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What Are The Unique Challenges Of Aging & Caregiving?

Our culture invests so much of its stock in youthful appearances, that we come to grieve the early signs of aging—crow’s feet that cluster around the eyes, the silvering of hair, or the loss of muscle tone—in the same way that we’d suffer a loss.

If you were to perform separate internet searches for the top ten stressors about which men and women complain, you’d find that “aging” always makes the cut. But losing your physique is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s the other losses that become more impactful, such as…

  • Losing your health: when your mind remains as sharp as ever but physical ailments and illnesses interfere with your day-to-day activities
  • Losing your senses: when your visual acuity, hearing, and sense of taste and smell decline, muting your perception and awareness of the world
  • Losing your autonomy: when your health status forces you to rely on others in order to meet your basic needs
  • Losing your relevance: when you can feel the world changing around you—like water rushing beneath your feet—and leaving you behind

Although aging is considered a universal challenge, serving as a caregiver can be equally as difficult. For example: Are you…

  • Watching a loved one’s mental or physical functioning deteriorate from cancer, Alzheimer’s, or a stroke?
  • Grieving the loss of a parent while your remaining parent grieves the loss of his/her spouse?
  • Coping with the loss of a loved one’s independence (e.g. loss of mobility, the inability to drive, or a premature retirement because of health concerns)?
  • Devoting around-the-clock care to your loved one or balancing caregiving with a career?
  • Showing early warning signs of caregiver burnout or feeling bitter and trapped about fulfilling your caregiver role?


If so: Don’t lose hope! Our Lifeologie team of counseling specialists can help you to lighten the “burden” of aging and to ease the unique challenges of caregiving. We believe that the aging process can actually be pretty fantastic. And with a little creativity, you can come to view the aging process with a sense of humor, enhanced self-awareness, and a deepened connection between yourself and your caregiver.

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