LGBTQ – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and questioning – sexuality and gender identity development can be confusing for lesbian and gay individuals and their families.


LGBTQ counseling at LifeWorks can help with

LGBTQ parenting

  • am I causing my child to be gay?
  • struggling to accept the possibility that your child might be gay?
  • how to incorporate a same gender relationship in my family?
  • my spouse disapproves of my gay child…. now what?

growing up gay

  • I think I may be gay – how do I figure it out?
  • I’m being bullied for being gay
  • what does a healthy same-gender relationship look like?

same sex relationships

  • having trouble finding the right one?
  • why does Mr./Ms. Wrong keep finding me?
  • how can we keep the romance in our relationship?
  • how to have a healthy same-sex relationship

coming-out issues

  • married with children… and gay?
  • guilt and internalized homophobia
  • slow starter – coming out late
  • I’m religious – how can I be gay and Christian at the same time?

gay parenting

  • adoption as an option
  • surrogacy as a possibility
  • single parenting as a gay adult
  • parenting in a same sex environment

LGBT and middle age

  • dating after 40…. yes, it’s possible!
  • considering retirement?
  • time to thrive!