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Christopher “Chris” Jones

LPC, LPC supervisor

Chris Jones grew up in a small town south of the metroplex. He has managed to remain close to his small town roots (really— he even owns an RV) and enjoys a relaxed lifestyle with his smart, pretty wife (we think he over-achieved) and his two terrific daughters.

After receiving his Bachelors in psychology from Baylor, Chris stuck around for his... Read More

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I’m a MAN… I Don’t Need Counseling, Right?

Men enjoy discussing their emotions… only slightly less than feral cats enjoy being doused in water.

But, are men really to blame for their conditioned aversion to vulnerability? From scraped knees in toddlerhood to mangled ACL’s in college football, we slap a band-aid on our boys and demand that they “play on!” through the pain.

Unfortunately, crunching the numbers from counseling sessions only reinforces this reality: Across the board, women are overwhelmingly more likely to initiate counseling services than are men—excepting a few outlying issues, which include: substance abuse recovery and anger management. (A very long list indeed!)

Usually, men cave in to attending therapy only after a girlfriend or spouse badgers them into doing so. Otherwise? Therapy is an automatic no-go, unless your back is forced to the wall by the prospect of divorce—or worst case scenario here—the criminal justice system mandates that you go.

But, what happens when you have a MAJOR life issue that you just can’t “shake off”? Sometimes “playing through the pain” isn’t the wisest philosophy: especially when your injury gets you benched for the rest of the season! Take our advice and call a “time out.

Our collaborative team of counseling experts can help you relax & recuperate from the following therapeutic concerns:

Common Issues That Are Addressed During Men’s Counseling

  • Career, Self-Enrichment, & Inadequacy: Liberate yourself from an oppressive career that you despise; Divorce your sense of self-worth from your professional successes—or setbacks; Establish boundaries for the piggybank of husband or dad; Rediscover your life’s purpose during quarter-life, mid-life, and career crises; Overcome feelings of professional or personal inadequacy that interfere with romantic relationships, career development, or mental health
  • Romantic Relationships (aka, Things that are better than attending therapy simply to appease your girlfriend or wife): Have a more satisfying sex life; Become a better mind-reader: Learn when your partner actually means what she says means vs. the ominous “I’m fine” … followed by dead silence—and the death of your sex life; Argue less; Enjoy each other more; Co-parent more effectively; Recover from the aftermath of infidelity; & Permanently curb jealousy
  • Stress Management: Money woes, career insecurity, arrogant bosses or inept co-workers, incompetent !@#$%^&*’s in general, aging, declining health, breakups, divorces, and high-demand relationships: Bust the stress cycle! Eliminate blood pressure surges, tension headaches, & panic attacks; Develop effective go-to strategies for anxiety reduction and relaxation; Declutter your life—and learn to re-appreciate living!
  • Anger Management: Receive qualified counseling for Intermittent Explosive Disorder (“The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” of anger disorders); Conquer unpredictable rage (including property destruction, domestic violence or spousal abuse, road rage, and violent or confrontational behavior); Let go of passive aggression or resentment; and Connect with treatments for anger-related health problems (including hypertension, insomnia, rage rashes, stomach upsets–and more+!)
  • Male Sexuality & Sexual Performance: Resolve uncertainty regarding sexual orientation or gender identity and expression; Discover medical and psychological interventions to treat sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction (or impotence), premature or delayed ejaculation, and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder; Enhance your bedroom skills with your partner and achieve sexual satisfaction; Seek guidance to eliminate secret paraphilias (including fetishes, frotteurism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadomasochism, and more+)
  • Fatherhood: Plan for your first child, the adoption process, or the transition to single-parenthood; Perfect your parenting skills and establish effective limits with ease; Outline parenting roles and responsibilities with your partner and preserve your sex life; Handle infuriating encounters with unruly teens; Help your child readapt to life after parental divorce, or the challenges of blending a family through remarriage
  • Mental Health, Addiction, & Self-Harm: Receive comprehensive and customizable interventions for Substance Abuse, Addiction (Sex, Pornography, Gambling, Spending, Internet, or Videogame), Depression, Anxiety, Suicidality, Bipolar Disorder, and Self-harming behaviors (self-mutilation, risky sexual encounters, impulsivity, hazardous driving…) plus more+
  • Trauma Recovery: Recover from the aftershock of trauma—sexual, physical, or emotional abuse; childhood neglect; the aftereffects of combat; acts of violence; natural disasters or accidents; and brushes with near-death experiences; Relieve symptoms of hypervigilance, flashbacks, hyperarousal, and aggression that are commonly associated with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder


How Can Counseling For Men’s Issues Improve My Counseling Experience?

Women often complain that men refuse to talk to them about their feelings. And men definitely don’t discuss their feelings with other men—because, seriously, what could be lamer? However, this may come as surprise you: Despite being counselors ourselves, we actually get where you’re coming from! So, we’ve adapted our therapy sessions to fit you: straightforward, solution-focused, and as pain-free as we can manage in under an hour. Check out our laidback setup and try:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Non-lame, Non-emasculating strategies for unsticking “stuck” relationship patterns, parenting problems, financial hiccups, sexual dilemmas, or mental health challenges (substance abuse, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD, etc.)
  • Customizable Stress & Anger Management Interventions: Eliminate stress-induced blood pressure surges, marital headaches, and rage explosions; Lighten your professional burdens, improve family dynamics, and develop coping mechanisms to decompress from stress & deescalate your anger
  • Self-Enrichment, Career, & Life Coaching: Ditch the career that you despise and rediscover the life that you deserve; Crack existential (mid-life, quarter-life, and “what am I doing with my life”) crises; Connect with sources of personal enrichment that make the drudgery of the workweek seem worthwhile
  • Sexual Satisfaction & Performance Anxiety Counseling: Learn how to communicate your sexual desires with your partner in a non-judgmental space; Transform a stalemated sex life into a HOT sex life; Conquer performance anxiety and boost your arousal; Receive access to qualified medical or psychological interventions to treat erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or delayed ejaculation
  • Couples, Premarital, Marital, & Last-Ditch Marital Counseling: Enhance your romantic or sexual connection to your partner; Repair communication ruptures and resentment; Prepare for the challenges of marriage or child-rearing; Utilize Last-Ditch Marital Counseling to replace an unstable marriage foundation with a more resilient framework
  • Parental Skills Counseling: Benefit from our individual or group parental skills counseling to learn how to bolster attachment bonds in your infant and become an agent of therapeutic change in your child’s life
  • Substance Abuse, Addiction, & Trauma Recovery: Manage substance abuse and addictive or compulsive behaviors (such as Sex or Gambling Addiction) with 12-Step or Harm Reduction models of recovery; Minimize the uncomfortable sensations of PTSD with exposure therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), or relaxation techniques
  • Alternative Therapy: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Psychotherapeutic Yoga to supplement traditional models of stress & anger reduction or mental health & addiction recovery

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