Sex therapy – will it help?

As sexual beings, most of us have question regarding sex, our desires, our behaviors and … if we’re NORMAL???  Guess what?  Therapy can help you find the answers!

Counseling issues regarding sexuality generally focus on the following topics:

• desire: too little, too much, no desire at all
• intimacy: establishing, regaining, or maintaining intimacy with partner
• body issues centered around sex
• boundaries: establishing safety in order to experience a fuller sex life
• sexual identity
• sexual preferences
• masturbation
• sex education
• sexual health
• sexual trauma and recovery

If you are looking for help dealing with issues regarding sex, sexual health or sexuality, call us and we will talk like grown-ups about this real and important topic.

If you’re looking for help with any aspect of your sex life, sexual health or sexuality, give us a call today. We can help!