Insurance & Fees

Our Therapy & Counseling Fee Structure

At the Lifeologie Institute, we have a fee level for everyone. Since we are a training institute, we can offer a wide range of fees without compromising client care.  And because we are a collaborative practice, you get 30 heads for the price of one.

We offer reduced fee counseling starting at $55/hour – around the amount of a typical copay for mental health services.  Fees are based on the experience level of the practitioner.  Rates for senior clinicians start at $90/ session.  We also offer groups and classes – another cost-efficient way to get the help you’re looking for!

Insurance Benefit In Therapy & Counseling

We are an out-of-network with your insurance company. We will be happy to check your benefits for you.  Just bring your insurance card with you your first appointment or give us the information over the phone when scheduling.

We are happy to file your insurance claim for you.   Many insurance companies will reimburse 50-80% for out-of-network providers.  We are also glad to assist you in following up with your insurance company.

The Lifeologie Difference


A creative, multi-specialty approach to life’s inevitable difficulties.


Collaborative care from a team you can trust.

Client Focused

A comfortable, client-centered environment.