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Lifeologie Institute School for Psychotherapeutic Yoga (LISPY) offers RYT psychotherapeutic yoga training & other training events to therapists, yogis, and others interested in psychotherapeutic yoga.
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LISPY Teacher Training

LISPY’s 200-Hour Advanced Psychotherapeutic Yoga Training

At the Lifeologie institute school for psychotherapeutic yoga (LISPY), we offer psychotherapeutic yoga training and other training events to therapists, yogis, and others interested in psychotherapeutic yoga. LISPY’s events and trainings focus on the unique field of psychotherapeutic yoga – yoga for your brain. Psychotherapeutic yoga differs from traditional yoga training in that it addresses psychological and mental health issues with specific protocols designed to benefit individuals with a number of diagnoses. LISPY is a yoga alliance registered yoga school (RYS 200 hour).

At the LISPY school, you will learn to use eastern and western medicine concepts, combined with specifically targeted yogic concepts and techniques to address a number of mental and emotional concerns, such as addiction or substance abuse, ADHD, anger management, anxiety, cutting & self-harm, depression, eating disorders, grief & loss recovery, insomnia, performance anxiety, PTSD and trauma recovery, stress management, and trichotillomania or body picking.

LISPY’s 1000-Hour Advanced Psychotherapeutic Yoga Certification

The LISPY school requires 1000 hours of training to become LISPY certified in psychotherapeutic yoga. LISPY’s program involves 600 of coursework and workshops and 400 hours of face-to-face client internship, supervised by our faculty. The program is presented in modules; however, each module, with the exception of internships, can be taken as a stand-alone training. (LISPY’s 200-hour Advanced Psychotherapeutic Yoga Training is module 1 of LISPY 1000 hour LISPY certification training.)

LISPY’s 1000-hour training focuses on the powerful relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems – e.g.: the flight or fight response. Our minds and bodies respond to stressors without checking with us to see if the response will help. This leads to a cycle of escalating symptoms, which can be almost impossible to break.

If you are interested in studying at the LISPY school, contact 214.357.4001 to begin the application process.

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