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Abbie Chesney

Abbie Chesney
Park Cities Office
Fees: $155 for a 50 minute session.
Specialties: Anorexia, Binge Eating, Body Image, Bullimia, Eating Disorders, Exercise Addiction, Extreme Dieting, Food Addiction, Men's Issues

Abbie is an LPC who has worked primarily with eating disorders at LifeWorks since 2004.  She has used her own story of recovery from an eating disorder  –  published in various publications, such as The Advocate (Lake Highlands) – to help her clients understand the overwhelming feelings they’re experiencing – and to show them that, eventually, they can develop a will to fight back and a desire to resurrect their sense of self from underneath all those layers of shame, fear, pain and loneliness.

As Abbie tells her clients,”I do this because no one should suffer the way I did. And if I can get well, I believe anybody who wants to can get well too!”

Abbie enjoys working with all types of eating disorders.  Though each diagnosis may look different on the outside, they all share a similar loss of control over food and life. She enjoys exploring the connection between life and the body – between how we see ourselves and what has happened to us over time.  She teaches her clients to use their voices rather than their self-destructive behaviors to deal with the complexities of life. Many of her cases involve the use of a nutritionist and may or may not include fitness and/or physical assessments due to the severe damage eating disorders can cause.

The spring of 2011 brought Abbie her ‘miracle’ baby – an unexpected life-changing gift – which brought even more healing into her life as she watched the body she had once abused create a perfect new little life.  She has since taken to counseling women at both ends of pregnancy.  Finding out one is pregnant can mean extreme joy or absolute fear and panic – sometimes at the same time!  During her unplanned pregnancy, Abbie traveled through a range of emotions and experiences some people are afraid to share openly.  Having someone who can share and understand those experiences can help push back the depression and anxiety often associated with pregnancy and delivery.

New motherhood can be an overwhelming experience for any women – there is literally NO WAY to know what to expect!  How many other moments in life leave us feeling like we ran a marathon before 8:00 am in the morning and yet we haven’t seen our gym shoes in months!  With the Katy Trail out LifeWorks’ back door, Abbie can ‘stroller talk’ with you and your precious peanut, get some air, and process your new life and adventures.   An alarming number of women suffer from some form of post-partum depression – talking it out can make all the difference!

When Abbie isn’t in the office or spending time with her wonderful new addition, Emme, she is hard at work with Eye on the Sparrow Designs – an innovative jewelry company she founded – which uses donated strings from local musicians and turns them into rockin’ jewelry, which is not only beautiful but purposeful. A portion of each sale goes to the Carter Albrecht Foundation, in memory of Abbie’s friend Carter Albrecht, formerly with Sorta, a local Dallas band.

And as if that isn’t enough, Abbie spends any other free second on her horse Sparrow!  Abbie + big strong Sparrow = huge jumps (in competitions) and opportunities to overcome even more challenges in an already full and fulfilling life!



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