Greeter, Pet Therapy Intern



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Greeter, Pet Therapy Intern
Park Cities Office

Meet our pet therapy intern, Cali!  We like to call her Cali girl. Cali’s mom Jacy drove all the way to California to rescue her. She’s that cool!

Cali enjoys running and hiking with her mom.  She spends vacations backpacking in different areas of the country. She has her very own pack - mom makes her carry her own food on their treks. No helicopter parenting here!

In her spare time, Cali LOVES to read. Her one rule: she never reads a book twice. In fact, she considers

destroying the book an essential part of the reading process.   Sadly, she is not allowed to read mom's counseling books anymore.

Cali is a lover and a snuggler. Clients feel better when she’s around.  Cali has always dreamed of being a therapy dog. She is currently enrolled in the Pet Partners’ Therapy Animal Program and looking forward to be fully licensed to work with mom, Jacy Rader.

Cali interns in our Park Cities office and charges one biscuit per session.