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Molly Powell

Molly Powell
LPC Intern, LCDC Intern
Supervised by Ly Tran, LPC-S
Dallas & Park Cities
Fees: $90 per 50 min session
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Binge Eating, Bullimia, Christian Counseling, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Depression, Eating Disorders, Food Addiction, Marriage Counseling, Pet Therapy, Pre-Engagement, Pre-Marital, Virtual Counseling Sessions, Young Adults in Transition

Whether its being overworked and overwhelmed, struggling with codependency, eating disorders, body image, relationship difficulties, or just needing someone to be on your team, Molly wants to help you. She is honored to get to walk through life with her clients while helping them achieve their personal goals. She wants to help you learn to see yourself as someone who is deserving of love from yourself and others.

In addition to working with couples and people who are overwhelmed and overworked, Molly enjoys working with adult eating disorders. Her personal experience with her own eating disorders allows her to fully understand the pain, difficulty, and fear that eating disorders can bring. Molly will also provide Christian counseling on request. Molly incorporates her study of family systems as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to address all aspects of her counseling, while also seeing the best in her clients and using context to explain behavior. Molly finds joy in getting to journey through life with her clients and helping them reach their own personal goals. She believes in the benefits of having someone ‘on your team’ and wants to help you learn to see yourself as someone who is deserving of love from yourself and others.

A Dallas native, Molly grew up in the Park Cities area with a not so ‘put together’ life. From a young age Molly was consistently overshadowed by her family’s growing troubles of conflict, addiction, and an added pressure to ‘keep it together.’ Meanwhile, Molly had also developed her own difficulty with food, weight, and exercise. Through counseling, Molly found a path of authenticity as she started to finally repair her relationship with herself and her family. From then on, Molly promised she would help others someday in the same way she was helped.

Molly went on to graduate from Highland Park High School (Go Scots!) and headed south to Texas A&M University (WHOOP) to pursue her dream. While attending college and holding many leadership positions, Molly found out she was a little too good at taking care of other people’s jobs, and deemed herself a persistent overfunctioner for others! It was here where Molly found her ‘niche’ of working with those who are overwhelmed, overworked, or in high stress environments.

Molly experienced unconditional love and support for the first time in college when she met her soon to be husband Kyle. She graduated from A&M with a degree in Psychology and got married a month later (she just couldn’t let this one get away) and they moved to Dallas to start their new life. Molly attended Dallas Baptist University to get her masters degree, and Kyle started seminary at SMU while working as a youth pastor at a local church. Molly’s healthy relationship sparked her interest in couples work, specifically pre-engagement, premarital, and teaching couples how to conflict. Molly believes curiosity about your partner is key!

Molly is a dog lover (or maybe a dog addict) and currently has 4 dogs of her own. In her spare time you can find her at the local dog park, spending time with friends, volunteering as an advisor for SMU Thetas (go theta), or attending youth events at her church with her husband.

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