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Abbie Chesney

YOU are unique, so is your story. We have context, stories that make lives make sense. If you are reading this, your life is making much less sense to you than it once did. We develop a system of coping tools to deal with the context of our lives. As our lives change our coping tools are no longer needed or no longer work. Incredibly lonely and disorienting! Unfortunately, most of us weren’t given a sturdy emotional toolkit. That’s where I come in! Sometimes we need a guide, or an expert to lead us along the way.

I have over ten years of professional experience treating eating disorders; as well as, my own personal experience(s) that led me here. Whether it’s the ravages of an eating disorder, the panic of becoming a young adult, to new mom, I’m here to help navigate a path.

Unique to me is using horses as therapists! When we get tired of being in the office, we can move outside! Through their natural communication, horses provide mirrors to our inner selves and give us the unique opportunity to learn about ourselves in a real time way without having a therapist follow you around!

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