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Kerri Herrington

A native Texan, Kerri began life in Fort Worth and slowly migrated East towards Dallas. She took a detour in the middle of that migration and headed south to attend Texas A&M University in College Station (Whoop!) where she got degrees in Accounting and Information Systems.

She put these degrees to use in the corporate world as an IT Auditor at the Accounting firm of Ernst & Young.  After a whopping decade solving problems for companies big and small, near and far, Kerri decided she was looking for something more. She realized that her greatest pleasure at work was the time spent talking with people and helping them with their personal problems. That’s when she decided to do something bold (although that’s up for interpretation), by quitting her corporate job and going back to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Counseling. Kerri graduated from the University of North Texas in December 2013 with a specialty in play therapy and is trained in EMDR – eye movement desensitization reprocessing – a cutting edge treatment for trauma and abuse recovery.

She puts this specialty to work by using play therapy with younger kids to help them make sense of their experiences and emotions, often without the child having to use words at all! Kerri helps facilitate better behavior in children by building up the child’s self-esteem and sense of self-control, which leads to making better choices. She also utilizes ideas and tools from Child-Parent Relationship Training in helping parents better understand and relate to their youngsters.

While helping kiddos of all ages here at LifeWorks, Kerri discovered another passion…working with tweens and teens. “You mean that moody, self-centered, and occasionally (okay, often) lazy teenager of mine?!?” Yep, that’s the one! From self-esteem and social concerns to social media and video game usage to cutting and dabbling with substance use, Kerri has dealt with most of the self-destructive behaviors of today’s adolescent. Lucky for all you bewildered parents out there, she finds it rewarding helping older kids navigate these tough issues that tweens and teens face.

In her spare time, Kerri often gives in to her nerdy side by reading as many fictional books as she can. She also loves watching movies (psychological thrillers are her first choice, but only with company!), trying to solve whodunit TV shows, and spending time with friends and loved ones. Kerri also gets enjoyment out of analyzing her two dogs’ behavioral tendencies while they socialize with other pups at the dog park.

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