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Nathan Cagle

A native of Dallas, Nathan was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at age 3. Growing up, he overcame speech, attentiveness and social skills challenges. Throughout his years as a child, teenager and young adult, Nathan grew into a friendly and hard-working young man.

His positive attitude goes a long way. He enjoys meeting and conversing with people of all ages. (Autism? Wha??) Seriously. This dude is awesome. You need anything at Snider? Ask Nathan and he’ll be happy to oblige. He joined our team in August 2016 as our chief hospitality specialist at Snider and is excited to make a difference with his time here.

In his spare time, Nathan enjoys hanging with his family and friends, playing basketball and tennis, listening to music, drawing and creating artwork, watching movies and     traveling.

His memory and love of classic rock is unrivaled! (Trivial Pursuit, anyone??)

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