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Ryan K. Jenkins

Ryan grew up between the Texas Panhandle and southern New Mexico. (Picture….tumbleweeds dust devils). He is a musician at heart and has played the piano, drums, cello….. As a kid, when he wasn’t playing an instrument, you could find him outside playing on his bicycle, skates, skateboards, dirt bikes or anything with wheels. He even begged his parents for a unicycle, however they never gave in on that one. (Birthday Present ALERT!)

He moved several times growing up and became an astute observer of people, having to change schools and meet new friends. He was fascinated at how people behave, cope, love, share, fight and he always asked why or what if. He would challenge his parents and teachers with the hard questions that no one either wanted to or knew how to answer. It was only natural that he found his way into the field of social work.

Ryan’s career began when he was in school getting his computer degree and found himself bored with computers. They are so predictable and do what they are programed to do. People however, are very predictable all while being unpredictable! Ryan volunteered at the Healthcare for the Homeless program in Albuquerque, NM teaching basic computer skills to those in recovery. It was here that he found a love for helping folks recover from alcohol and substance use.

Ryan soon gained the required certification to begin counseling people seeking help for substance use and realized that he wanted to know more. He completed his Master’s Degree in Social work from New Mexico Highlands University to become a licensed clinical social worker. All in all, he has been counseling and helping people make positive life changes since 2001.

Bike trails and music drew Ryan to Austin and today he specializes in working with people who identify as LGBTQ with a focus on the transgender and questioning population.

He also works in the substance abuse area, assessing and preparing people who are questioning going into treatment or who are feeling family pressure to seek treatment. Ryan respects each person as an individual and believes that everyone has the right to make their own choices about life changes in a safe environment without pressure.

He also is passionate about working with people who have completed treatment as part of their long-term aftercare plan.

Ryan worked in an EAP-(employee assistance program) setting for 6 years which provided him extensive generalist experience and he enjoys working with people experiencing life stressors, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and seeking career counseling.

Ask him about his drum circle therapy groups!

Ryan sees adults and teens 15 years old and up.

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