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Sabrina Janecek

Sabrina has come full circle from being born in Ft. Worth, Texas (Yay!), to moving to Houston (Boo!), and coming back to DFW as soon as she finished high school (Yay!) and bringing her twin sister along with her. She received her BS in psychology at the University of North Texas, and made the easy decision to stay in Denton in order to complete her master’s degree in community mental health counseling at UNT.

Sabrina loves working with children and had the wonderful experience of working as a daycare/preschool teacher while finishing both of her degrees. She has had invaluable experiences working with a variety of different children (and parents and caregivers!)  She brings a special patience and caring to her cases.  Her passion is working with children and families who are coping with normal life transition difficulties (e.g., separation anxiety, bed wetting, behavior problems in school, etc.) or dealing with the harder stuff (e.g., attachment disorders, divorce, bullying, abuse, etc.).  A twin herself, she also works with multiples and sibling rivalry, as well as gender-creative kids. She facilitates play therapy with kiddos, and has a playroom filled with a variety of toys where children are able to use their natural language of play to express needs in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Sabrina loves to read in her spare time, literature ranging from classic novels and memoirs to Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones series. She is also OBSESSED with spicy food and loves trying new cuisines and challenging others to try and out-spice her.  She remains undefeated in the spice wars.

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