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Psychotherapeutic Yoga Counseling & Therapy

Psychotherapeutic Yoga Therapy

Sometimes therapy is not enough. Long periods of anxiety and depression may actually cause your brain to be reprogrammed for prolonged distress. Yoga is an ancient exercise program that couples whole body strengthening, breath work, and meditation to developer a stronger body and mind. Psychotherapeutic yoga can reprogram your “fight or flight” response so that your emotions are settled and you feel present and focused.

Ayurveda & Healthy Living Consultation

We all know that certain lifestyle habits either support us or spiral us out of balance. Ayurveda can help align ourselves with this obvious truth in the universe and with our own true nature – allowing us to become the best version of ourselves and ultimately empowering us to be more effective in the world.

An Ayurvedic consultation and ongoing lifestyle counseling is particularly valuable to individuals who would like to discover a new approach to diet and lifestyle which supports the individual and is individually tailored just for you. If you have tried other diets and lifestyle modifications with little or no improvement than this is for you. This can be an extremely instrumental and empowering approach to your own health and wellness journey.