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At the Lifeologie Institute, we challenge you, encourage you, teach you pretty much everything we can cram into your head, and expect you to rise to the occasion. Bottom line – we rock your world!


At the Lifeologie Institute, we’re committed to providing both an optimal training environment and superior client care. We’ve created a unique, collaborative training model that’s not only incredibly challenging, but also great fun and, we believe, wildly effective.


Our interns have the benefit of five LPC approved supervisors and one LMFT approved supervisor on staff – (all access, all the time, 24/7, we never close), along with access to the experience and ideas of any of our licensed therapists, licensed interns, and the rest of our cream-of-the-crop staff.


how we do it

We shut the place down for three hours every week and discuss cases as a team – with every LifeWorker present – supervisors, senior clinicians and interns alike. Every case is open for discussion.  No question is too dumb, and every one of us – including senior clinicians – makes use of the experience, ideas and creative thinking of the rest of the team.


We believe this collaborative method is the ONLY WAY TO GO.


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