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Anger Management Counseling

What is Anger Management Counseling?

Anger management therapy is a process of helping you identify what it is that is truly causing you to become angry and teaching you the skills you need to manage your anger and emotions more effectively.  In short, the Lifeologie counselors help you rewire your brain to deal with anger in productive ways. If you have or believe someone you care about has an anger management issue, please seek help before it becomes worse. We have several specialists available to help you.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of An Anger Management Problem?

  • Someone has told you that you have an anger management issue: This may seem like a “duh” statement, but most people with rage control issues first discover that they have a problem by receiving negative feedback from friends, family, or romantic partners.
  • You have frequent & volatile eruptions of:  
    • Verbal Aggression: Including screaming, throwing tantrums, name-calling, issuing threats, sarcasm, mockery, criticism, or coercion
    • Physical Aggression: Your out-of-control anger escalates into physical assault or you provoke physical altercations
  • Resentment: You seethe with fury or hold grudges over minor disagreements or mishaps
  • Ill Will: You have repeated fantasies about delivering the perfect comeback, obtaining revenge, or witnessing another person get hurt/injuring someone else
  • Interpersonal Consequences: Your social & romantic relationships are plagued by chronic instability
  • Familial Consequences: You direct violence toward family members, including parents, siblings, spouses, or children
  • Educational & Employment Difficulties: You experience occupational or academic setbacks because of your inability to regulate your temper (including losing your job or being suspended/expelled)
  • Your anger has health consequences associated with it: Hypertension; digestive, skin, or sleep problems; a heart attack or stroke)
  • Legal Problems: Your legal standing has been tarnished by assault charges, incarcerations, lawsuits, or more+

Can Counseling For Anger Management Issues Improve My Condition?

At Lifeologie Counseling, we take a client-focused approach to therapy. Our anger management therapists will work to dig in and help you with the following:

  • Understand the anatomy of your anger: Why anger functions at the physiological and psychological levels as it does; What your specific “flavor” of anger is (See: Types of Destructive Anger above); and identify the root cause of your emotional reactivity (e.g. a past history of abuse or a self-sabotaging fear of abandonment in your relationships that reveals itself as misplaced anger)
  • Work toward the cognitive restructuring of your anger: By modifying destructive thought processes that perpetuate your anger
  • Develop a relaxation regimen: And no! We don’t mean by simply counting to ten! Your therapist may recommend: mindfulness, meditation, psychotherapeutic yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, journaling, exercise, or connecting you with any manner of activity that you enjoy in order to achieve stress reduction
  • Practice managing your outbursts: By communicating “legitimate” anger in less aggressive ways
  • Mend Fences: Enhance and repair the quality of your social, familial, and romantic relationships, using Family, Couples, or Marriage Counseling as needed
  • Improve your medical status: By connecting you with healthcare providers who can treat your anger-related somatic problems (such as hypertension or digestive disturbances)

As with all types of therapy, anger management therapy is a process. If you are reading this then resolving the anger issues are important to you. We have counselors that work with both adults and teens dealing with anger issues. Find an anger management counselor near you or contact us to schedule a counseling appointment.