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Being a Responsible Adult

How can counseling and therapy help young adults in transition?

Who knew being a responsible adult would be this hard??

Adulting is a tough gig. Sometimes, it seems nearly impossible. You might find yourself under-achieving, feeling hopeless about the future, confused about where to go from here. If this sounds like your life, you might be experiencing “failure to launch” — or maybe you’re just a young adult in a constant state of transition. If you were born in 1980 or after, you’ve probably discovered your life is different from your parents’ lives. If you haven’t put your finger on exactly what those differences are, let us start to narrow it down for you.

It does go deeper than the Cold War, big hair and vinyl records.

20-30-somethings, known as generation X, gen-Y, or millennial’s, are constantly reflecting back on their relationship with self, work, and life and are more in charge of shaping their own career and life than any generation before them. They choose to embrace the freedom to continually re-invent themselves and author their own life story. Very cool.

Until it’s not. Sometimes too many choices prompts the inability to make any choice. Hello to the ‘boomerang kid” Proud owner of a swanky and expensive college degree but still living at home with the parents. Ouch.

There are three key differences between this generation and the boomers and or the generations before them.

Millennials vs Other Generations

  • Millennials bounce between jobs wanting personal challenge but are less motivated by financial growth.
  • Millennials don’t want a boss. They want a coach.
  • Millennials want to be told the end result then left to their own innovation to get there.

The world is a global village. It’s a 200 million square mile virtual and physical playground. Diversity isn’t something millennial’s strive for. It’s what they expect. This further colors dating relationships and thoughts and feelings about money and success.

Additionally, technology has shaped how millennial’s work and socialize – another double-edged sword. These days, everyone at work and at home are linked together. Sorting out what to say to whom and when to say it is tough. Millennials will be the pioneers in determining protocol, etiquette and balance on this matter.

What this all boils down to is that these introspective habits and the myriad options available keep you asking, “What road do I take?”

But because no generation has worn these shoes, millennial’s likely get a variety of answers that sort of sound right but leave them with an uneasy feeling that something’s not quite working.

Lifeologie Counseling Can Help You In Being a Responsible Adult

Millennials, you’re not alone! Most 20-30 somethings are confused. Fortunately for us all, the millennial generation is proving itself to be a group of people with independence, confidence, and diversity — collaboration and a hint of selfishness. We believe that is a good thing.

If research tells us anything, with some good coaching, regular feedback and a diverse community of people in your lives, you will not only succeed but live and prosper.

If you didn’t catch that reference, you just proved our point.

Lifeologie can help you find your way in this world of possibilities.