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Divorce Counseling & Therapy

Divorce Counseling Can Help When Love Is Not Enough

Love doesn’t always overcome. Not when your partner is on a crash course for self-destruction. Not when your relationship trains a spotlight onto the worst version of yourself. And not when deep hurt turns into incurable bitterness.

Some marriages simply die of neglect. There are times when a couple parts with very little—if any—love left.

Regardless of the cause of the split, you can expect a myriad of emotions: anger, fear, shame, sadness, loneliness, guilt, or relief.

Divorce recovery and adjustment tends to follow three distinct phases of healing: Initial Devastation; Gradual Recovery; and Ultimate Renewal.

3 Phases Of Divorce Recovery

Initial Devastation:

  • A catastrophic sense of loss akin to grief or trauma
  • Feeling as though everything in your life is in a state of flux
  • Sensations of disorientation or numbness
  • Anxiety, depression, loss of motivation, confusion, or anger
  • A sense of failure (for being unable to make the relationship work); or of worthlessness (because your partner “gave up” on you)

Gradual Recovery:

  • Nightmarish feelings of betrayal begin to subside
  • Decisions become less agonizing and fantasies about revenge seem less enticing
  • You allow yourself to grieve: panic and hysteria are reprocessed as grief and loss
  • You embark on a journey of self-exploration, accepting new possibilities into your life

Ultimate Renewal:

  • Characterized by personal and spiritual growth
  • Excitement about putting down new roots
  • Interest in dating and relationships
  • A desire to reclaim lost dreams or cultivate new ambitions

Breaking up is hard to do. Every individual will experience these stages at his or her own rate. But, at Lifeologie Counseling, it’s our mission to ensure that you don’t have to overcome loss or achieve self-discovery on your own. Our team of family counseling and divorce therapy experts is here to help you find that elusive door to recovery and realize the courage to walk through it!