Diana Kelly


Telehealth Provider

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About Diana

Diana received her degree in cardiopulmonary science and went to work as a registered respiratory therapist (RRT). She determined she needed a life change and went to East Texas Baptist University and received her BSN and in 2006 became a registered nurse (RN). She worked in many aspects of nursing for 16 years. In 2017 she saw a need in the mental health community she felt she could fill, so she returned to her education once more and in 2020 graduated with her MSN with a focused area in psychiatry. She is now a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP-BC).

Her method of care is starting with a psychiatric evaluation to determine a diagnosis and treatment plan, which can include psychotropic medications and/or psychotherapy. Medication management is another service she offers which is done during follow-up sessions. She is able to manage clients on psychotropic medications who need medication adjustments as some clients are unable get in to see their psychiatrist due to the backlog of appointments in the DFW area. As a PMHNP-BC, she specializes in the areas of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and substance use disorders. She encourages clients to engage in their treatment plan, as it is an important part of their healing.

Counseling Approach

Diana’s dedication to serving others is by assisting them in gaining completeness and wholeness in the most holistic way possible. What she strives to do is to provide the necessary tools to help guide her clients to gain or return to an optimal state of functionality, required for them to have a purposeful and meaningful life within their community. These efforts and achievements can also create healthier communities and safer environments in which people can flourish spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Diana grew up in Louisiana within a loving and supportive family. She still has her parents and three older siblings. She lives in Oak Cliff with 2 female Staffordshire pit bulls. One is a rescue and her additional pet is a rescued chihuahua/basenji mix. These rescues are Emotional Support Animals. She has a small circle of great friends that she considers family. She is a practicing Christian with a strong faith. She is blessed and gives thanks to God regularly for her life’s journey with where she has been, where she is now, and where her future will take her.