Sherri Merino

LPC Associate

Telehealth Provider

Get to know Sherri

It was during her own journey through counseling to address personal trauma and grief when Sherri became aware that helping others through counseling was her authentic calling.  She had spent 30 years in corporate work “living the dream,” while her personal life was falling apart.  Sherri married young and started a family only to realize that the love that she craved came with violent and abusive behaviors.  Divorced, single mother, and starting over would be her new path. This is where her first counseling session started.  Healing her wounds through counseling and EMDR sessions put her back on track.  However, she found herself back in counseling after the loss of her young adult son, her favorite aunt, father, and her grandmother. She was dealing with grief and loss at the most intimate levels. Sherri believes that although life can really suck at times, all humans regardless of ethnicity, skin color, primary language, or childhood experiences will face hard challenges and question life.  It is through discovery where one will find self-love, safety, acceptance, and coming to terms with what is true for oneself.

Sherri grew up in Southern California and graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Services, as well as earned her MBA from Pepperdine.  She graduated from Texas A & M University-Commerce with a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling and is currently pursuing her licenses for both professional counselor and marriage and family therapy.

Sherri started out in the world of technology and fortune 500 companies but has since found that people are her passion. She feels called to help clients discover healing in order to love themselves first and from there, love others and experience healthy relationships within their home, work, and community.

Her goal is to provide a non-judgmental, safe, compassionate and confidential environment to explore issues where one may be struggling.  Overcoming any kind of loss (marriage, financial, job, family member including pets) is hard and more so, when it is a child.  She has the desire to help women see the ability to get beyond the loss and live the kind of life that they seek and desire, no matter what they have been programmed to believe in the past.  She also enjoys helping those who find themselves asking, “Is this all there is?” and “I have everything, why am I so miserable?” or thinking, “I hate my job. A part of me dies every day when I drive to work” and “I'm questioning my belief system and need a place to safely talk about it.”

She is grateful for all that life has thrown at her and continues to find ways to live her best life day in and out alongside her husband Rick, three children, and her fur babies. 

She is a student member of the American Counseling Association and International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors.