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Dee O’Neill

Dee O'Neill director of Brain Health Lifeologie Counseling
Dee O’Neill
Director of Brain Health Services
Specialties: Brain Health, Cognitive Testing, NueroCognitive Fitness

Dee O’Neill has joined us as our Director of Brain Health Services. (eek!) She is funny, kind, approachable, and brilliant. We snagged her up as soon as we could! 

Dee O’Neill is a Keynote Speaker and the Founder of NeuroCognitive Fitness, a concierge brain fitness assessment and training practice to help clients better understand how their brain works and how to make it work better. By first using advanced neurotechnology to assess NeuroCognition via brain mapping, cognitive testing, and standardized metrics, then secondly enhancing brain fitness through customized training programs.

Dee has uniquely specialized education and experience in neuroscience, neurotechnology, along with coaching and counseling to effortlessly translate complex brain science principles into practical practices to not only manage but maximize brain fitness.

Dee has a Master of Science Graduate Degree in Psychology from Chaminade University of Honolulu, and her undergraduate work was in Human Health and Exercise Science at the University of Hawaii.

Check out Dee’s TED Talk and her Brain Basics workbook. Yeah. She’s a big deal!