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Kaneaster “Ken” Hodges

Ken Hodges provides counseling in Dallas Texas
Kaneaster “Ken” Hodges
Master's Level Intern
Dallas, Texas
Specialties: Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Grief & Loss, Identity Issues, Self Harm, Spirituality, Trauma

What brought Ken to a career in counseling was the profound and difficult experiences in life: love, death, freedom, responsibility, meaninglessness, meaningfulness, and isolation. After graduating from UTA with a Bachelor’s in psychology, Ken became interested in existential psychotherapy, analytical psychology, and psychoanalysis.

After his Bachelor’s Ken worked in psychiatric crisis as a mental health technician. It was here that Ken learned there is no such thing as an invincible person, we all need support from time to time. After that, he enrolled in a graduate program to become a mental health counselor.

Ken found his passion in helping people grow and thrive aided by all the difficult experiences that life throws at us. Now, as a Master’s Level Intern at Lifeologie, it is Ken’s honor to witness people overcome and grow.

Counseling Specialities: