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Lulu Liao

Lulu Liao is a counselor in uptown Dallas Tx
Lulu Liao
LPC-A #88261
Supervised by Ashley Rogers
LPC-S #65415 Certified Trauma Professional,
Psychotherapeutic Yoga Clinician,
RYT, Reiki Master
Dallas, TX
Specialties: Addiction, Adulting, Anger Management, Anxiety Disorders, Codependency Issues, Couples Counseling, Depression, Grief & Loss, Health & Nutrition, Identity Issues, LGBTQ & Gender Issues, Mindfulness Training, Parenting, Psychotherapeutic Yoga, Stress Management, Trauma & Abuse Recovery, Young Adults

Feeling stuck in life and disconnected from what is meaningful?

Have moments in what seems like an infinite loop of obsessive ruminations in which you replay the same thoughts over and over?

Or perhaps it’s a cycle of repetitive behavior(s), self-sabotage, and/or relationships that you can’t seem to break the pattern from?

Lulu can help

Reconnecting people with their full potential and true selves (who we really are deep down/our soul/our divine essence) is at the core of Lulu’s approach to healing. She believes that when we lose connection to our authentic selves, we face all kinds of issues including anxiety, depression, unfulfilling relationships, addictive behavioral patterns, obsessive thoughts, stress, despair, and hopelessness.

And what if someone told you that your brain and body system(s) might be hijacked and you probably can’t help these behaviors as much as you’d like to? In periods of stress, it’s natural that our body’s fight or flight response activates. A normally regulated nervous system, however, returns to normal when these threats have passed.

But this system works very differently when a person and their body experiences trauma and we may not have as much conscious control over things as much as we’d like to. Traumatic events can be anything ranging from moving multiple times as a child, to accidents and illnesses, to unstable childhood environments, to domestic violence, to veterans coming home from war. You see, much of life CAN be traumatic. It’s not what happened that determines whether something is traumatic, but it’s your experience of the events.

Our nervous systems and bodies have a lot more to do with our thoughts, behaviors, and perceptions than we think! But don’t worry, luckily our brains can change at any age and Lulu is the person to show you how to take back control of your systems!

Counseling Approach

As a holistic therapist Lulu goes beyond traditional “talk therapy”, using an integrated method encompassing multisensory, experiential, and aspects of mind, body, and spirit work in her approach. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Lulu has grown up with influences from Eastern practices and philosophies. Lulu’s passion for this holistic work also stems from her own experiences with overcoming the pains of grief and loss, trauma/abuse, addiction, and multicultural issues. She graduated summa cum laude (whoa!) with a Bachelor’s in Psychology and obtained her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. She is also a certified and registered Yoga Teacher in many different styles and is a certified Reiki Master Practitioner III. You will find Lulu frequently using energy work, qi-gong, & mindfulness/breathing techniques in helping her clients heal.

You will feel an immediate sense of calm and acceptance around her presence and the true blessing for Lulu is to teach her clients how to heal themselves with their own energy! Her many life experiences help her provide an empathetic, non-judgmental, compassionate, safe, and healing space for her clients. She believes that hope is always available to ALL people and considers it a great honor to be a part of a client’s journey.

Lulu enjoys spending her free time with her four children, traveling, doing new & adventurous things, being active, cooking/eating, playing music, dancing, meditating, and being free and silly. Lulu can’t wait to meet you!