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Healthily Ever After

PreMarital Workshop

Yes. That’s right. Everyone wants their “Happily Ever After.” Whatever that may look like to you, couples who are engaged or thinking about getting engaged often miss the most important aspect of a committed relationship. Communication is a key feature couples will have to address if they plan on saying “I do.” Learning and truly applying these love/life lessons is way easier said than done! We get it. This is why we are bringing to DFW a Premarital Workshop that will help you learn and practice these skills. The workshop will not only help you build a strong marriage for your future, but you will also feel more fulfilled doing it together as a team. If you and your beloved believe that happiness is the main goal for a marriage, you might want to continue reading about what you can learn in an educational setting!

Investing In The Relationship For Your Future

Our goal is to provide both you and your partner with a learning experience that will put the gears into place for your relationship. You can find all the information about why premarital counseling is important but do they tell you how effective it can be?

  • With the exercises provided, you and your partner can strategize problem solving techniques that will help you understand of one another.
  • Hearing responses about crucial topics with other couples will give you a different perspective of interpersonal relationships.
  • Our laid back, fun teaching style will keep you engaged and involved – no snoozing through this workshop!

Quick facts about marriage that we’ve agreed on as a team at Lifeologie!

  • The majority of married couples’ issues are understanding and accepting rather than solving an actual problem.
  • Healthy relationships require: knowing how to keep yourself calm, choosing gratitude, and expressing what you need rather than what the other person is doing wrong.
  • Marriage requires curiosity, compassion and collaboration with your partner.
  • Realizing your own expectations of the other person, and letting those go, can be freeing. It also allows you to build a unique relationship on the strengths of each partner.


Details for Workshop:

WHEN: October 2nd, 2021

WHERE: 3303 Lee Parkway, Suite 330, Dallas (map)

TIME: 8:00am-5:00pm including 1 hour of lunch from 12:00pm-1:00pm (ordering from Panera)

COST: $450 for the full 8-hour course or two payments of $237.50

RSVP: Email Raquel to RSVP

How to Prepare: Be open and willing to learn & understand you and your partner!

In Relation to the Wedding: Once you have completed the premarital training classes and get a certificate, it’s good for one year and serves as proof that you are eligible for the discounted marriage license fee and can waive the 72-hour waiting period.

Why Pay More: This small investment is worth SO much – it will help ensure that you and your spouse build a peaceful, sturdy marriage! It’s an investment for your future!


About The Facilitator

Raquel Alcorta provides counseling services in Dallas, Texas specializing in couples therapy as well as self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and trauma.Raquel Alcorta enjoys working with adults of all ages and couples who struggle with Religious/Spiritual Abuse, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth, Anxiety, Depression, Infidelity, Divorce, Pre-engagement/marriage, Parenting, Stress Management, Trauma, and Abuse. She truly understands how humans are at different developmental stages in their lives and need help navigating those transitions. Click here to book an appointment with Raquel!


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