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Blythe Barnes Berkhadley

Blythe Berkhadley, LPC | Counselor in Dallas TX
Blythe Barnes Berkhadley
Dallas & Fort Worth
$140 per 50 minute session
Specialties: Adolescents, Child Counseling, Child or Play Therapy, Family Issues, Kids, Teens & Tweens, Parenting, Tweens & Teens

Blythe Barnes Berkhadley is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) specializing in child counseling, adolescent counseling, family counseling, and working with young adults. Blythe believes that giving clients the space to be free from judgment, independent, and unconditionally accepted is the key to healing. Blythe strives to help her clients become the best versions of themselves. She utilizes a cognitive behavioral therapeutic approach, family systems, along with play therapy to work with clients. Due to children’s lack of verbal articulation, play is used to help them communicate their emotions and needs to the world, “Play is the child’s symbolic language of self-expression and can reveal what the child has experienced, their reactions to what was experienced, feelings about what was experienced, the child’s wishes, wants, or needs; and the child’s perception of self.” – Garry L. Landreth. Blythe utilizes CBT and play therapy to help clients with an array of issues including but not limited to: trauma, behavioral issues, poor coping skills, depression, anxiety, divorce/separation, attachment issues, ADHD, poor social skills, and life transitions.

Counseling Help Led to her desire to be a Counselor

Blythe received her undergraduate degree in 2009 from Louisiana Tech University in Family Child Studies, concentrating in Family Science. She knew that helping others was her passion due to a personal life experience that drew her into the counseling arena. As a freshman, Blythe lost her best friend in a car accident, which plummeted her into a deep depression. She reached out to her mother who begged her to seek help from the counselor on campus. Blythe was initially very anxious about the counseling process, what would she be asked to do? Would she be judged? To her surprise, she was thrilled to learn that counseling was a safe space for her to talk about really hard things going on in her life. After attending counseling and finding hope again, Blythe knew that she wanted to enter the field in order to help others with their own personal difficulties! She was initially resistant to working with children, but after her professor asked her to join in his new play therapy course she quickly learned that she had a burning passion to help children who were unable to speak up and advocate for themselves.

A Specialization in child and adolescent therapy

Blythe moved to Dallas, TX three days after graduating from college. Her friends knew that she wanted to “find herself” and live out her young “single in the city” fantasies so she quickly packed her belongings and made her trek. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of North Texas at Dallas in December 2015 with her Masters in Community Mental health Counseling, specializing in therapy with children and adolescents.

Blythe was raised in Shreveport, LA but spent the majority of her youth in “the country” making mud pies, riding her bicycle, and playing with her Barbie dolls. When she’s not working with her clients; she enjoys traveling, pottery, reading, taking walks outside, and spending time with her husband and family.

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