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Greeter and
Registered Therapy Dog
Dallas & Park Cities
Fee: one Cheerio per session

Rescued from a puppy mill, Goliath spent the first months of his life by himself in a small crate with no love or companionship – lacking even the comfort of a snuggly blanket or a  squeaky toy.  A Yorkie/mystery mix, Goliath is like many of us – he has serious family of origin issues!! But though he’s been through a LOT, he’s maintained his gentle, resilient spirit and enjoys his work as a registered therapy dog.

Goliath is a sweet, well-behaved little pup who loves to snuggle, cuddle, and squeak his favorite toy – a yellow ducky.  He also enjoys doing art projects in his spare time.  He particularly enjoys working with toilet paper – preferably while it’s still on the roll.

Goliath works in the Dallas office with his mom, Melanie, and his Tia Veronica. He charges one Cheerio per session.

Goliath is certified as a registered therapy dog with the National Service Animal Registry.



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