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Depression Help: 10 steps to live free of depression

Depression is more than just sadness and requires a comprehensive, intentional approach to move toward better health and wellness. By examining the signs of depression and learning to engage in the therapeutic process, you will learn how to begin moving toward depression-free living.

Clinical Mental Health Counselor and depression specialist, Liz Grady, will introduce you to 10 steps that will lead you toward better health during this free, online webinar. Liz will share how exploring our negative thought patterns, avoiding procrastination, and getting active will help you regulate your mood and feel better. Liz will also share some practical tips and strategies that you can put into action right away.

Group Details:

Who’s it for: Teens or Adults

Dates/Times: September 28th, 4-5pm

How much: FREE

Where: Online via ClickMeeting (sign up below)