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Parenting Support & Counseling

At Lifeologie we understand the challenges of being a parent. With a greater understanding of your child, you will be able to more effectively meet your child’s needs. Instead of going insane yourself, contact a Lifeologie Counselor in Fort Worth.

All parents need a little parenting help occasionally. Our parental counseling skills training, (aka filial therapy), is an educational process in which you (parents or caregivers) learn how to positively impact your child’s development. You may not realize that you – as a parent – can be a therapeutic agent for your kids. Hence, we can teach you how to do that. You will learn effective limit-setting skills to regain control as a parent. You will also learn how to create a nonjudgmental, understanding, and accepting environment. Finally, this will enhance your relationship with your child, facilitating personal growth and change for everyone involved. Cool, huh?

What will my child gain through this process?

  • Learn to label and healthfully express feelings
  • Will feel more accepted and understood by you
  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Learn self-control, responsibility, and decision making skills

What will I (the parent/caregiver) gain through this process?

  • greater understanding and acceptance of your child (and yourself-BONUS)
  • stronger, more positive relationship with your child
  • easy and effective limit setting skills

Consequently, parental counseling skills training at Lifeologie Counseling is a different experience for everyone. Generally, it requires 10-15, 1.5-hour sessions. As a result, our training is offered in an individual (more personalized for you) or group (more economical) format.

Here at Lifeologie, we can help you gain control as the parent, enhancing the relationship you have with your child, and help your children understand their world.

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