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Tryna Jackson

Tryna Jackston is a counselor in Fort Worth Tx
Tryna Jackson
Master's Level Intern
Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Tweens & Teens

Tryna was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at Texas State University. As much as she loved the Austin area, she is so happy to be back in her hometown of Fort Worth! Having experienced anxiety and depression through her adolescent years, it wasn’t until her first year of college where she decided to take the step of seeking individual and group counseling for her anxiety and depression. 

This ignited  Tryna’s passion for counseling – she believes that counseling is her calling! She is passionate about helping individuals navigate through life’s challenges. Tryna has several years of experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities and with teens/tweens.

She has an empathetic and welcoming counseling style and is looking forward to working with people from all walks of life. Tryna believes that it takes a great amount of courage to seek counseling and that she is enthusiastic about being able to help individuals with taking the steps towards a more fulfilling life.

Tryna is drawn towards mindfulness and the person-centered approach. Tryna also believes in adjusting her style to each individual’s needs. 

Tryna enjoys spending time with her sassy cat and tiny but loud chihuahua (no they do not get along) . When she can she enjoys going to Austin, Texas to eat at some of her favorite local hot spots! 

Counseling Specialties: 

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