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About Lifeologie Counseling Grand Rapids






Client Focused

Lifeologie Institute* was founded in Dallas, TX in 2000 with one goal in mind — to bring a fresh, innovative approach to the everyday problems of life.  Our motto is Creative solutions to stuck problems®, which we take to heart in each session.

With our unique multi-specialty, collaborative approach, Lifeologie has helped tens of thousands of individuals and families across the US heal their wounds and break out of old, unhealthy patterns.  Our world-class training facilities have produced hundreds of licensed clinicians who practice with our core values of creativity, collaboration, and optimal client care.

In 2017, friends Marissa Wilson and Katie Zuverink decided that Grand Rapids absolutely could NOT go one more second without a Lifeologie Counseling practice, and got to work right away, bringing this brilliant approach to West Michigan.

Lifeologie Counseling Grand Rapids, which is located in the heart of Ada, boasts various therapeutic specialties including psychotherapeutic yoga, individual counseling, family/marriage counseling, children’s/teens therapy… you name it. Everything about Lifeologie, from the office space (check it out) and the music we play to the brilliant therapists we hire, is designed to be approachable and fun. Trust us, it’s the coolest therapy office you’ll ever enter.