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Parents of Little Children Surviving Coronapocalypse Together

Parenting right now is its own monster. All of us who are in the trenches with our little ones… we get it.

This video provides a 5-minute tip for the end of each day to help your brain and your mood deal with what’s going on, and help shift into a hopeful posture.

Basically, what we’re doing is taking stock at the end of the day. Reflection is done in three super short steps:

  1. The hardest thing about today. For example: Today I had to say everything to my kids 74,000 times before my kids listened to anything.
  2. Something I succeeded at like “I Unloading the dishwasher”. (I know this is a success for me.)
  3. One thing I’m grateful for: Just noticing that the sun came out today and I could sit in the warmth of its rays.

These should be written down or shared with someone:

  • significant other,
  • your parent,
  • a good friend, or
  • your trusty journal.

This allows you to process what is difficult, then something that has gone well, and something you’re grateful for. Adding that part at the end shifts your brain at the end into something encouraging, something hopeful.

Parents, Solidarity! We can do this!