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Why do you need pre-marital counseling?


Premarital Counseling: Why YOU need it!

Congrats to newly engaged couples after this beautiful holiday season… Now what?

Posted by Lifeologie on Thursday, January 17, 2019


Recently engaged? Congrats!… Now what?!

You can check out this video from our counselor and marriage and family therapist, Rosann Raftery, as she shared information about what premarital counseling is and how it can help you and your partner!

Couples seek premarital counseling usually after they are engaged or are looking to make a commitment to their relationship with their partner. This includes learning new skills in order to build a relationship to be long-lasting. Research shows that couples who attend premarital counseling at least likely to get divorced compared to couples that did not attend premarital counseling.

Rosann shares that there are various reasons why couples participate in premarital counseling. For instance, premarital counseling assists couples with strengthening their relationship. Couples learn communication skills in order to fully understand their partner as well as being able to send messages to their partner effectively. Even conflict management skills are addressed with premarital counseling.

When should couples do premarital counseling? Rosann (as well as most other professionals) believes that the sooner a couple partakes in premarital counseling, the better! Some things may arise in premarital counseling and it is better to have time to work on them than RIGHT before the wedding.

Again, contact our office to get into premarital counseling to help you and your partner strengthen your relationship for the long road!