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Taking a Step Back: What Coronavirus taught us about Coping Skills and Strengths

A Reflection Exercise for Teens and Parents

In this video, our Adolescent Specialist, Ben Balke, LLPC, walks students and parents through a reflection exercise to gain insight into strengths and coping skills. The Coronavirus began to impact most of us mid-way through this past semester and this unprecedented event caused people to experience a wide range of feelings; Many felt stuck or overwhelmed.

This exercise is a practice in reflecting on how you were able to finish up this semester and what you were able to learn from it all.

Questions to ask yourself

First, ask yourself what were some healthy and positive coping skills you used during the end of your semester? Did you notice any strengths about yourself that maybe you haven’t noticed before?

The Coronavirus itself isn’t a positive event, but were there any unexpected positive events that occurred during this past semester? The healthy and positive healthy coping skills that you used, with your strengths, and noticing positive events helped you with finishing up this past semester.

These skills and strengths have helped you push through that stuck feeling and it provided helpful information about yourself. They are skills and traits about yourself that can aid you in future obstacles or stressful situations.

Maybe you are still feeling stuck or overwhelmed. If so, a counselor can help! If you want to speak to a professional counselor in the Grand Rapids area give us a call at 616-929-0248. We are here to help you find your strengths!


Ben Balke Counselor for teens in Grand Rapids MI Ada MIBen Balke, LLPC is a counselor at Lifeologie. He enjoys teen counseling and working with young adults as they discover who they are, learn to navigate school, and deal with social anxieties. He’s passionate about connecting with people and making sure they feel safe to work through whatever it is that is tangling them up.

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