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Couples Counseling & Therapy

Relationships take work. No matter how much love you bring to it, there will be times of difficulty. If you and your significant other are having trouble communicating or feel like the connection is weakening, it’s probably time for couples counseling.  At Lifeologie Counseling Grand Rapids, our counselors bring an empathetic ear and a large toolbox to each session.

What creates conflict between couples

The top areas of conflict between couples include how to communicate frustrations without unnecessary harming your partner, sexual incompatibilities or insecurities, financial disagreements, religious, political, or differences in other worldviews, and dealing with friends or family.  

Balancing work, play and homelife

In addition, balancing work, time spent with friends, or kids may be causing conflict or creating feelings of low self-worth within the relationship. Couples counseling can help you communicate better and give you ideas to eliminate these frustrations down the road.

All Couples welcome

Same-sex or mixed ethnicity relationships bring about their own challenges, especially if one’s family does not readily support or accept the relationship. At Lifeologie Counseling, we work will all types of couples in the Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, and Ada, MI vicinity.

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