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Family Counseling

Most conflicts within a family can be resolved. There are exceptions, of course, like physical abuse, sexual abuse, and domestic abuse. Here at Lifeologie Counseling, we work with families to recover from conflict within their family unit. Family therapy can be performed in joint, separate, or individual sessions. The approach will depend on the comfort level of each individual and the particular problem.

How does Family Counseling work?

In family counseling, we seek to do the following:

  • Help identify the source of the conflict
  • Brainstorm strategies to improve family interactions
  • Help view the family as a unit to avoid blaming one person for the current problem
  • Help focus on enhancing the family’s collective strengths
  • Assist each member to modify behavior to reduce the conflict
  • Utilize supplemental therapeutic approaches as needed, such as
  • Build behaviors to show appreciation for each other and how to put more energy toward quality time

Build a stronger family today

If your family is struggling to communicate or unable to break through persistent arguing then family counseling can help. The trained counselors at our Grand Rapids location are here to help guide you and your family. Let’s stop the cycle of conflict together. Call us at (616) 929-0248 to schedule an appointment or for more information on our counseling services.