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Psychotherapeutic Yoga


What is Psychotherapeutic Yoga and how can it help me?

Psychotherapeutic Yoga is an alternative treatment model that can be used to treat: depression, anxiety, insomnia, body image issues, behavioral issues, and many more. Psychotherapeutic yoga is unique because it addresses your mental health as well as your physical concerns.

Psychotherapeutic yoga brings eastern and western medicine together to navigate, target, and reshape your mental and emotional concerns. Yoga has been proven to kick-start our parasympathetic nervous system; the part of our nervous system that allows us to relax, concentrate, sleep, digest our food, and slow down. Sometimes our nervous system can get stuck in the fight or flight response, which turns on your sympathetic nervous system. This looks like not sleeping, erratic appetite, stomach aches and pains, frustrated easily, and irritated. Yoga literally retrains the brain to tell the nervous system that you are safe. It lets the parasympathetic nervous system know that it is okay to be utilized.

What would a psychotherapeutic yoga session include?

During your first session, you will go through a brief assessment with your psychotherapeutic yoga clinician. This will assist your clinician in getting to know you, your needs, and how to best help. Afterward, your clinician will identify a plan for you to work through these issues using yoga. This could look like: hour-long yoga sessions or mental health treatment using yoga within the sessions. We’ll take a look at your unique needs and develop a plan that works best for you.

Psychotherapeutic yoga allows you to work through your frustrations, feel what your body is saying to you, and retrain your brain to tell your body that you are safe. You will be able to improve your overall functioning and overcome frustrations with more ease. No flexibility requirements for this yoga. Give it a try.