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Sexuality Counseling and Gender Issues

Sexuality is a very broad term. Sexuality includes a multitude of topics that all play into your views and expression of sexuality and intimacy! For example, your history, sexual preference, age, family, who you like, who ya don’t like, and much more!

Everyone has a different level of comfort when it comes to expressing their views on sexuality. Our job, at Lifeologie Counseling, is not to determine if what you think/like/enjoy is “normal” but rather it’s to assist you in getting unstuck on your sexual issues.

Common Sexual Dilemmas that Gender & Sexuality Counseling Can Help:

Sexual abuse/trauma:

Sexual trauma can shake you to your core. Grief around this is not a linear experience and it takes time to recover from sexual abuse or trauma of any kind, especially childhood sexual abuse. You may feel that you have healed from an experience and then it sneaks back up on ya! Sexuality counseling can assist in understanding how these experiences have impacted you, how to cope with them, how to communicate your experience, and how to set boundaries in relationships.

Sexual compulsions:

Everyone has their sexual preferences. However, once the preferences become compulsions, it may be time to look at what is underlying the compulsions. Compulsions include pornography addiction, compulsive masturbation, exhibitionism, frotteurism, paraphilias, sadism/masochism, voyeurism, phone sex, the consumption of prostitution services, and more. These things can get in the way of life, big time! Let’s figure out a way to understand them and get your life back on track.

Gender identification:

Sexuality counseling can assist with self-acceptance about your identification as transgender or binary. The world of hormone replacement and medical transitioning can be tricky to navigate. These are all welcome topics in sexuality counseling.

Sexual orientation:

Whether you identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, or non-conforming, sexual counseling provides you with the space to navigate your sexual orientation. This is the place to discuss how to come out to family, friends, and romantic partners. How to navigate discrimination, stress, and trauma related to this.

Low Sexual Arousal:

The beginning of relationships can include a lot of sex. And then it declines. This feels confusing and frustrating. Both men and women experience this. Your partner may begin to feel like they have done something wrong and it can begin to cause strain in your relationship.

Sex-related anxiety and performance concerns:

Erectile Dysfunction (or “Impotence”), Delayed Ejaculation, Premature Ejaculation, and Female Orgasmic Disorder can all be caused by the fear that a potential partner will evaluate your performance as insufficient—or simply “bad”—in bed. Feelings of shame, guilt, or embarrassment about your body, your sex drive, or your preferences have a funny way of paralyzing your libido before anything intimate can occur.

We have therapists that specializes in gender issues, intimacy problems, sexual orientation, and sexuality as a whole. Give us a call today!

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