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Social Anxiety Counseling

Because being regular anxiety isn’t enough.

Social anxiety is a special kind of frustrating. It keeps you from smiling or even looking at the stranger who held that door open for you. It’s the thing that makes you break out in sweats and shake like a chihuahua when presenting to a group. It makes you trip over your words, stutter, and flail at exactly the wrong moment. If this sounds like you then Social Anxiety Counseling at Lifeologie may be what you need.

But doesn’t everyone get nervous sometimes?

Of course. It is perfectly normal to have nerves before a big presentation, a job interview, or a myriad of other “big” events. However, if you are no longer able to do any of these, you may have social anxiety. For example, if you have given up on dating just so you don’t have to feel the terror of one on one interaction for more than a few minutes, then social anxiety may have a hold on you.

Signs of a Social Anxiety Disorder

Those who struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder will experience both behavioral symptoms and physiological symptoms. Behavior refers to a desire to avoid certain social situations. While physiological symptoms are what happens to your body when the anxiety attacks such as clammy skin, excessive sweating, and shakiness.

In addition, individuals with Social Anxiety may have an overwhelming fear of judgment and possible humiliation. This leads to avoiding attention and engaging in public activities.

Ultimately, social anxiety will lead to a reduced quality of life if not treated by a professional counselor.

How Social Anxiety Counseling helps

If talking to complete strangers in the real world creates anxiety, why would you talk to a counselor? We get it. This is hard. However, once you take this first step you will have put the hardest part behind you. The Lifeologie Counselors are easy going, approachable, and very empathetic. Your counselor will lead you one step at a time on each item that is tripping you up. Based on your requirements we’ll use an appropriate methodology to guide you along. Our therapists are training multiple modalities, like Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Exposure Therapy, Social Skills Training, Psychotherapeutic Yoga, and more. After your initial consultation, your Grand Rapids therapist will build a plan for you.

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