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Stress Management

Do you ever ask yourself these questions

  • Am I overwhelmed?
  • Do I need help managing stress?

Stress happens to everyone. There is good and bad stress. Good stress happens when you have enhanced performance or adaptability in response to some demand. The “good stress” triggers needed adrenaline to get you through whatever situation your facing.

However, sometimes stress can be overwhelming or debilitating. Instead of enhancing your performance, the overwhelming stress impedes it. You may feel ill or confused and without energy.

If this sounds like you, keep in mind, you are not alone. 77% of Americans experience chronic stress. Chronic stress not only impacts daily activities but also your health and wellness. In fact, over half of all illnesses are attributed to the long-term impact of stress.

If you’re not sure if stress is affecting you, here are some signs and symptoms you may need help.

  • Having panic Attacks or severe anxiety
  • Experiencing hypertension, angina, rapid heart rate or worse, you’ve had a stroke or heart attack
  • Feeling ill more frequently than normal
  • You’ve noticed your skin is breaking out in rashes or hives
  • Digestion has become a problem with  issues like diarrhea, acid reflux, nausea, or constipation
  • You’re waking up to a sore jaw or are clenching while awake. You might also have headaches, muscle aches, or neck and back pain.
  • Getting to sleep has become a problem or the opposite, you are sleeping way too much
  • Energy is low and you’re constantly fatigued.
  • Focus and memory are not what they used to be and you’re having problems concentrating
  • A general feeling of malaise or chronic depression
  • Quick to become irritable
  • Resorting to alcohol or other drugs to relax or de-stress.
  • Your sex drive is not what it used to be
  • Rapid weight loss or gain
  • The general reduction in social, romantic, work, or school engagement

How Can Counseling for Stress Management relieve my stress?

You’re already facing a busy schedule. The reality is that you need to fit in time to work through some of the problems that are causing stress in your life. Start with a stress management counselor near you. Lifeologie staff works flexible hours to accommodate a busy schedule. We can work with you to develop a stress management program that fits into your lifestyle. A Lifeologie counselor does all the work to create a stress reduction plan tailored to your unique needs. To get started call Lifeologie Counseling or send us a note..